Our History

Once upon a time, in the idyllic neighbor of Ballard Washington, there was a scuba dive shop called ‘Marker Buoy Dive Shop.’ In 1961 a small group of local, male divers decided to start a shop sponsored dive club. The name of the club was ‘The Marker Boys’ to match the demographics of the club at that time. Within a couple of years, the success and growth of the club required an update of the name to ‘Marker Buoy Dive Club.’ This was to acknowledge the addition of female club members and the connection with the dive shop.

Sadly, the Marker Buoy Dive Shop and its history has been lost to the sands of time. Not unlike that great fitting mask you once had. Our dive club continued as a dive shop sponsored club connected with Lighthouse Diving until 1987. Then the club moved to sponsorship with Underwater Sports until 2007. At that time it chose to be an independent dive club.