Hosted Dives

How to join a Hosted Dive:

Sharing is caring and that is especially the case when scuba diving. We are here to dive with our current and future friends. So we’ve made it easy for a member to announce an upcoming dive and have other members to come along.

The club dives are announced on our Meetup site. There you will see future dives that are on the calendar as well as great photos from past dives.

You’ll see the general area in the title and more details in the body of the post. It should contain the meeting time, the splash time, and any other important details about the dive and any possible pre- and -post activities.

It should also include important details about skills that may be required to safely participate with the dive. Some dives may benefit from additional equipment such as a strong flashlight, Nitrox, or a small trowel.

It is not necessary to setup a dive buddy prior to arriving at the dive site. The dive host will ensure divers are paired up to best suit everyone’s dive plan, experience, and familiarity of the site. If you have any questions, you can contact the dive host via Meetup.

If find you cannot participate with a dive you have RSVPed to, please update Meetup to reflect that. The dive may be limited to a certain number of slots available.

If you are running late to a dive, please inform the dive host.