The Club will provide an air card to any member who hosts a dive that is open for all Club members to attend. It recognizes that hosting dives makes the Club more fulfilling to our members and it rewards

the host for the work involved in making the dive fun and safe for all Club members who wish to attend.

To qualify for an air card:

1. The dive must be posted on the Club Meetup calendar at least 7 days in advance and it should be open to all Club members who are qualified to participate.

2. In most cases, the person applying for the card should be the person who originally posted the dive. If the original host cannot for some reason attend it should be announced in the comments

section of the Meetup. The original host should find a substitute and he or she should not be in attendance. In this situation the air card would go to the substitute host.

3. There must be at least 6 Club members in attendance. Guests of Club members do not count toward this number.

4. A member can only receive one air card per calendar quarter.

5. If there are co-hosts on a dive only one air card will be given.

6. Dive travel posted by members in Meetup or multi-day local trips are not eligible for an air card.

7. Dive charters will only qualify if more than 6 members can attend.

8. The board reserves the right to review all air card requests and may deny an air card to a host if It feels that the dive did not meet the requirements and the goal of allowing all Club members to


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