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Marker Buoy Dive Club

Welcome to Your Dive Club
Marker Buoy Dive Club is one of the most active dive clubs in the Pacific Northwest. We currently have over 275 members from all over the Puget Sound. Our members host many different types of dives and dive trips, all over local area and the world.

Did you just receive your Open Water Certification, and you don’t what to do next? Welcome aboard! Let’s get you in the water with a great dive buddy. We’ll get you up to speed and helping another new member in no time. Are you a bit more advanced? We got you covered as well. Our club members will charter a dive boat and fill it with other club members. Imagine spending a day with your newfound friends enjoying the local stellar dive sites.

After many dives, club members will meet up at a local watering hole or eatery to discuss the day’s events. Always voluntary, but we would love to have you there. We also do things without getting damp. During the spring we host a club raffle. This is where we collect items and services from members and local dive business raffle them off. We do this to generate some needed monies and an excuse to hang out with our friends and fellow club members. We have a club picnic at Woodland Park sometime during the summer. and host another picnic and dive at a local site, at least once a year.

Our monthly club meeting was (pre-Covid) at the Sunset Hill Community Center where we’d discuss club news, and local dive events, past club dives, and upcoming club dives. We then enjoy some treats, coffee, and jawing with other club members. Often, we have a guest speaker talk about the marine environment, an unusual dive trip, or something else of interest to divers. Sound fun? We would love to have you. Get signed up and we’ll look forward to seeing you at a dive site soon! Our dive calendar contains scheduled dives ranging from New Member Welcome Dives, checking out the Seattle skyline at Cove 2, or the giant Lingcod at the Edmonds Underwater Park, to diving under Deception Pass and extended vacation trips at various locations around the world.

We look forward to seeing you at a dive site soon.
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Annual Dues

Annual club dues are $35. These fees cover benefits such as free air cards for dive hosts, rental fees of meeting/event sites, and helping to support dive-community projects. 

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The club dives and other events are all coordinated through Meetup.

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Once the three steps are all completed, we will approve your Meetup membership in the Club, and we will see you at a dive soon!

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If you are having trouble becoming a member or have any questions, reach out and we will be happy to help you.