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Introducing… Our Past Buoy Tenders.

Introducing… Our Past Buoy Tenders.

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This part of our site has been up for a little while, but I felt it was a good time to announce it with the addition of a few of our newer Buoy Tenders. We’ve added July & August 2018 to our site. Enjoy the swim down memory lane.   Newsletters  

A Word From Our President

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Welcome to the Marker Buoy Dive Club website! Just as the shoreline or the boat deck boat deck offers an entry point to our diving adventures together we hope that this website provides an easy and welcoming point of entry to your (new or continuing) dive adventures with us! This website can help you to […]

Hello World.

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Sorry, that’s a little computer joke. I would like to welcome you to the latest and greatest web site for the Marker Buoy Dive Club. Have a look around and enjoy your stay.

Marker Buoy Dive Club offers both new and experienced divers an opportunity to either gain experience or share them. It’s a place where scuba diving is cultivated in an enjoyable way while utilizing safe diving practices.

MB can help to solve those beginner issues.  “I don’t have a dive buddy”, “where do I go to dive and if I know where, how do I navigate a place I have never been to?”

These are reasonable questions and easily answered. As a member, you can sign up for any of the hosted dives that meets your skill level.  The host would assign an experienced diver to be your buddy, but at these meetups you will also meet other divers with the same skill level as you and over time you will have a dive buddy or two.

MB promotes Fun, Development, Safety and Conservation.  If these are the qualities you’re looking to embrace, then MB is for you.

-Steve Kalilimoku, Club Vice President