Marker Buoy Dive Club is one of the most active dive clubs in the Pacific Northwest. We currently have over 150 members from all over the Puget Sound neighborhood. Our members host many different types of dives and dive trips all over the world and local area. Our upcoming dive calendar typically contains scheduled dives ranging from check out dives at cove 2 or Edmonds Underwater Park to diving under Deception Pass and extended vacation trips at various locations around the world.
We welcome divers of all types and skill levels. You say you just finished your Open Water certification and you don’t what to do next? Welcome aboard! Let’s get you back in the water with a great dive buddy. We’ll get you up to speed and helping another new member in no time.
Are you a bit more advanced? We got you covered as well. Our club members will charter a dive boat and fill it with other club members. Imagine spending a day with your new found friends enjoying the local stellar dive sites.
After many dives, club members will meet up at a local watering hole or eatery to discuss the day’s events. Of course, this is voluntary, but we would love to have you there.
We also do things without getting damp as well. During the spring we host a club raffle. This is where we collect items and services from members and local dive business raffle them off. We do this to generate some needed moneys and an excuse to hang out with our friends and fellow club members. We have a club picnic at Woodland Park sometime during the summer. We also have a picnic and dive at a local site at least once a year.
Our monthly club meeting is at the Sunset Hill Community Center where we discuss club news and local dive events. We then talk about past club dives and upcoming club dives. We then enjoy some treats, coffee, and jawing with other club members. To top to all off, we have a guest speaker talk about the marine environment, an unusual dive trip, or something else of interest to divers.
Sound fun? We would love to have you. If you would like to meet the club first, I would recommend showing up to one of the monthly meetings.


Ready to Join?

Marker Buoy Dive Club is the most active dive club in the Puget Sound area. If you want to get your feet (and everything else) wet, you have come to the right place.

There are three steps to becoming a member. All of them can be done with links from this web page.

1. Sign our membership application/liability waiver form

Once you sign and initial each page please save it with a new name and email it to membership@markerbuoydiveclub.org

2. Pay your dues

Annual club dues are $35.00. Between July 1st and October 31st dues are reduced to $20.00 for the balance of the year. From November 1st to December 31st dues are $35.00 but you are paid up through the following year. These fees cover club benefits such as free air cards for dive hosts, renting meeting/event sites,and helping to support dive-community projects. Your payment can be securely made through our PayPal account using your credit card.


3. Make a request to join our Meetup group

Our Club dives and other events are all done through Meetup so you will need to have a Meetup account and make a request to join our Group. Here is a link to do that:

Marker Buoy Dive Club

Seattle, WA
229 Divers

Marker Buoy Dive Club is one of the most active dive clubs in the Pacific Northwest with over 200 members. In addition to hosting many dives each month, monthly meetings are h…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Once these are all completed, we will approve your Meetup membership in the Club and you are ready to become part of our community. We look forward to diving with you. You’re joining the most active dive club in the Pacific Northwest and our club includes lots of friendly folks who love diving. If you are having trouble becoming a member email us at membership@markerbuoydiveclub.org and we will help you.


Here are some of the files you will need as a Marker Buoy member.

If you are ready to join the club and get into the water, you are going to need this file:

If you are diving at a club sanctioned dive with a non-member, they will need to fill out this form:

If you hosted a dive with 6 or more club members, congrats! Fill out this form, send it to the club treasurer and get 10 air fills on the club. Thank you for hosting.

Contact Us

Do you have a question? Feel free to drop us a line. You might want to check out the FAQs first. That might give you the info you need a lot quicker.