Marker Buoy Dive Club      Established 1961

Are you diving at the same sites repeatedly?

Do you find night diving is intimidating?

Rather dive at a new site with an experienced diver?

Looking for someone new to dive with?

Experienced diving elsewhere and want to see what Puget Sound has to offer?

Sounds like our dive club may be what you are looking for!

Come check us out at the next club meeting on the first  Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM. We have a variety of speakers who give presentations on topics of interest to divers. For more details, check out our Meetup group.

Our meetings are held at:
Sunset Hill Community Center
3003 NW 66th Street Seattle, WA 98117-6214

Directions to Sunset Hill Community Center

Join us at our Meetup site where we plan all of our dives and club activities. See you there!

Kelp Forest at Salt Creek County Park, Randy Williams Sea Anenome, Randy Williams Day Island Night Dive, Joyce Merkel Quillback Rockfish, Joyce Merkel Sea Cucumbers, Joyce Merkel Opalescent Nudibranch, Joyce Merkel Grunt Sculpin, Joyce Merkel Fritz and Doug at Skyline, Joyce Merkel Longfin Gunnel, Joyce Merkel Lewis Moonsnail Capturing a Cockle, Joyce Merkel Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker, Joyce Merkel Sunflower Seastar Mat, Joyce Merkel Fritz feeding a wolf eel, Johanna Raupe Scaly Head Sculpin, Joyce Merkel Shiner Perch, Joyce Merkel Sea Anenomes, Edmonds Oil Dock, Joyce Merkel Eileen at Edmonds Oil Dock, Jack Connick Six Gill Shark, JD Rowe Green Anenome, Randy Williams Kelp Crab Moon Snail Red-eyed Medusa, Randy Williams Stubby Squid Wolf Eel, Randy Williams Hand Feeding a Wolf Eel, Randy Williams Candy Stripe Shrimp, Skyline, Joyce Merkel Cove 2 Maintenance, Joyce Merkel Cove 2 Maintenance - Randi and Greg, Joyce Merkel Salt Creek Park, Randy Williams Possession Point Dive, Gene Coronetz Gene Coronetz, Randy Williams Campbell River BC Randy Willims in Lake Crescnt, Randi Weinstein Fritz and Kirby at Skyline, Joyce Merkel Randi Weinstein on HHMC Saskatchewan, Randy Williams

Marker Buoy Dive Club provides many opportunities to meet divers  from throughout the Greater Seattle area who like to share diving experiences and information. Club membership represents divers with a variety of diving interests and experience levels.

Marker Buoy Dive Club is currently involved in buoy restoration projects at Salt Water State Park and Cove 2 at Alki. As a member of the dive community, you can help support these restoration projects by making a tax-deductible donation to the Washington Scuba Alliance. Click here for instructions on how to donate today.